1. Where are you located?

Our head office is Melbourne based but we showcase new collections throughout the year at various pop-up store events all around Australia and NZ

2. When/where is your next pop-up?

Our next pop-up shop event will be Melbourne based in Fitzroy (270 Young Street) from the 15th of May to the 19th. For more info on this please follow our Instagram and join our mailing list in the footer below.

3. How do I know all your items are completely authentic?

Hawkeye Vintage is dedicated to delivering 100% guaranteed, authentic vintage luxury items. We recognize that it is ILLEGAL to sell fake designer pieces and confine to this rule with the highest degree of sincerity. For more info in authenticating your vintage bag, you can read our helpful tips here [insert]

4.Where do you buy your stock?

We source our collections of designer vintage bags, jewelry, clothing, etc. worldwide from auctions, estate collections, private collectors and more. We also hold close relationships with licensed dealers in Japan, Paris and the U.S

5. I want to sell my vintage designer pieces. Do you do consignment?

While Hawkeye Vintage is not a consignment store, we recognize that some get stuck with their grandmothers or Aunts accessory collection from their heyday and are happy to take a look at any designer vintage items that you might be interested in selling!

6. Where to get my vintage bag restored?

Restoring is a very important part of keeping your vintage designer items in pristine vintage condition. Over years, bags can fade, rust, scratch etc. by way of general usage. However, this is not something to worry to much over as Hawkeye Vintage has partnered with Bagsamore- a Sydney based company, specializing in refurbishing of bags and making them “like new”. They offer 25% off to our direct customers.

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