Fashion Spotlight: The Chain Belt


Festival fashion, the runway, a beach day, the dance floor, a day out shopping- the classic 90’s chain belt holds no limitations on where it can be seen! Made popular in the mid 90's by Chanel, this look is made for the accessory lover who has maxed out all their usual spaces for jewelry and wants to go full-throttle-extra in adorning their waist with chained luxury! While the original Chanel chain belts are the obvious choice to bring back the style, many clothing companies and designers have created their own chain belts, giving homage to the vintage inspiration of this luxe trend.

Who (Then): 

Chanel Spring 1994 Ready-to-Wear

It’s no surprise that most iconic models of the 90’s are who created the emergence of this trend. Karl Lagerfeld was clear to highlight this accessories wide range of versatility right from the get-go when styling it over a dress, jeans, and a suit- even in the 90’s we knew this stunning belt could go with us any wear. 

Fall 2018 Runways: Moschino, Balenciaga, Versace

Who (Now): 

The chain belt has re-emerged bigger than ever! Of course Chanel has been heavily showcasing their coined vintage look, introducing new styles and ways of wearing it. However, what has been most notable is the exposure of this accessory on the fall runways within a massive range of huge designer brands! Designers everywhere showcased the chain belt without boundaries of how to wear it or who should wear it. 

Of course, since being a repeated item on recent runways, fashion influencers of all sorts have unsurprisingly gotten their hands on different styles of the chain belt, including them in multitudes of their #ootd looks. What is truly remarkable about the chain belt style is its ability to go with a range of fashion personas. From the luxe designer girl, to the boho-chic obsessed, the vintage inspired chain belt has a place in anyone’s wardrobe!


Here at Hawkeye, we’ve had a heightened interest in sourcing the Chanel chain belts for our beloved lovers of all things luxe and designer vintage! We’re so excited to show you our collection [insert link] We’ve had so much fun working with the chain belt and researching it to come up with our fav ways of styling this fabulous accessory!

At our office, we’ve taken a very luxe approach to styling the vintage, Chanel chain belt. The gold detailing looks extraordinary over black, elevating a simple jumpsuit look into a posh and refined statement. 

We also love the “more is more”approach that @leahjay takes with laying our belts overtop a bodysuit, creating an amazing silhouette and adorning an otherwise simple piece that everyone has in their wardrobe! Have a beach or boat party coming up? Trade the body suit and jacket for a stylish one piece and the chain belt is JUST what your look needs to take it to the ultimate fashion level.

Of course the chain belt is not only exclusive to luxe fashion! The vintage accessory can also elevate the most casual looks (denim, oversized, etc.) Adding this statement piece is a simple way to  gives an otherwise lax look that character that it needs to bring out your inner fashionably aware self! A true staple to add to your wardrobe,you’ll never get tired of trying out different ways to show off your favourite vintage accessory!