The Voice Behind the Collection

Throughout our three month pursuit of readying 30,000 unworn vintage items for your fashion needs and dreams, photographers, models, bloggers, influencers, and even random strollers wanting to pop their heads in for a sneaky peak have looked at the immensity of our collection in awe. While so many questions have been thrown at us about the sale, the most enquired question seems to be, “Where does this all come from?”

This usually gets followed by an understandably shocked reaction when we tell them that each piece comes from one singular designer. While our source of this collection has asked to be anonymous, we are so thankful that they were willing to provide us with a little more information to have a better understanding of what has gone into this masterful creation!

Tell us a bit about your history with these pieces and how you ultimately got into this enormous collection

The pieces mostly were acquired during a couple of decades as creative director for a fashion accessory company. A mixture of samples and items purchased during overseas research and development trips, and development of new ideas and production samples, really an evolving sample library.

What is your favourite fashion era that is shown in the collection?

Hard to pick here but possibly the 70’s as it tended  to be most often recycled decade as bohemian styles.

Why do you think that now is the time for this collection to finally be shown to the public?

There is a whole generation that is returning to being an individual, style wise, and of course the sustainability awareness is growing.

This collection has a lot of multi-use fabrics by way of scarves, kaftans, etc. Did you gather these pieces with intent to use them in different ways?

Most definitely scarves were collected as examples of different fabrics, types of printing, weaving, machine made, summer, winter, what each different country produced. Often sent by factories hopeful to work with us. There are some beautiful examples of hand loomed scarves and stoles within the collection. The kaftans were a short lived project,  inspired by the bohemian beauty of the Indian women, mostly using hand woven silks or cotton and expensive embroideries also hand done, after 2 seasons the kaftan project was put aside.

While trends are constantly changing, any opinions on a fashion piece that has never gone out of style?

I’d have to say the scarf, its close between the 3 scarf, bag, belt.....the latter being more utilitarian.

What’s a vintage look that you’d like to bring back?

Studio 54 - Late 70’s-early 80’s glamour

If you could title this entire collection, what would it be?

Accessory Lovers Heaven