Louis Vuitton 2 Way Floral Motif Yellow & Brown Vernis Leather Choker Necklace/Bracelet

Authentic Louis Vuitton Choker Necklace or Bracelet with yellow, orange, and brown vernis leather floral motifs. It has a cowhide leather belt with vernis leather flowers in various sizes adorning it. It has three gold push buttons to adjust and secure it. It can be work around the neck or wrapped around to make a stacked, double wrap bracelet.  It would make a great fashion statement!  SKU: LO777 Circumference as a choker necklace : app 13.8inch or 35cm (when all 3 buttons are secured, choker can be buttoned to be app an inch shorter or longer)
box Not included
condition Great
condition_overall 7 of 10 Great pre owned condition with some visible signs of use. Some small light brown marks on few of the flowers, and some water stains on the cowhide leather. Some lines on the inside of the leather necklace.
dust_bag Not included
made_by France
original_serial_number FL0012
size_cm 41 x 1 x 0
size_inch 16.1 x 0.4 x 0

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