Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Souple 45 Monogram Canvas Duffle Travel Bag

Authentic Louis Vuitton Sac Souple 45 is a classic of the Louis Vuitton travel bag collection. This spacious large sized version in Monogram canvas and double brass zipper. A great companion wherever you go. SKU: LR594 
box Not included
condition Good
condition_edges Signs of use (scuffs, dark shade).
condition_hardware Signs of use. Deeper shade, gold coating wearing off, and green marks around edges from aging brass.
condition_inside Some visible signs of use. A name "Amamoto" with a heart and a smiley face has been written with a black marker inside the bag near the top opening.
condition_outside Some visible signs of use.
condition_overall 6.5 of 10 Good pre owned condition with more visible signs of use.
condition_padlock_key Not included.
condition_shape Keeps its shape but has signs of use. Has some crease lines from how it was folded and stored over time.
condition_smell Strong musty pet smell (will need to be aired out). This is a pre-owned item and will not smell brand new. If you are very sensitive to smells please keep this in mind before you decide to purchase this product.
dust_bag Not included
made_by France
original_serial_number TH8902
size_cm 45 x 21 x 25
size_inch 17.7 x 8.3 x 9.8

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