Hawkeye Vintage

In 2017, The Independent shed light on a study, which shows that buying an Hermes Birkin bag is actually a smarter investment than buying gold. Yes. Gold.

To some, this bit of news is outright shocking. However, to Danielle Goodwin- founder and owner of Hawkeye Vintage, this just solidifies her trust in the ever growing market of designer luxe items. As she has known for years, artful and equally classic, high end pieces will always be on trend- no matter the age.  

Before any talk of a pop-up, Danielle was holding two storage lockers that had been filled with her own personal vintage designer pieces that she had collected. This first assemblage took years of searching through various dealers in Japan (where she lived), as well as across the world through markets and shops; putting her “Hawkeye” through serious work. All of this was in dedication to someday have a collection big enough to share with the equally fashion obsessed!

In Melbourne, Greville Street Prahran in 2012 was the first location. With no idea how it would go, the overwhelming, positive response to the pop up was the ultimate catalyst that has since brought Hawkeye Vintage to several other pop up locations around Australia and New Zealand, as well as the growing online web store we have today. We have gone from showing our personal designer finds to further sourcing from massive estate collections and exclusive worldwide partnerships with licensed dealers- building strong relationships in the luxe fashion world in order to create this hierarchy of designer goods.  

One of the best things about Hawkeye Vintage is our customers. While anyone with the financial means can go into a high end designer store and simply pick up something that is trending, YOU are the real appreciators of the art that has gone into these pieces. Our customers, before even buying a new bag or scarf will take time to notice the little details and possibly even have knowledge on the year it was made, where it was manufactured, or even which celebrity iconicized the work. You are the quintessential fashion lover and who we are thinking of when we seek out every precious selection we find.

We are so excited to share this growing expedition with you as we venture into a greater online platform and an even larger vintage collection- combining both quality vintage boho pieces and the classic designer luxe that you have come to love us for!  

The Hawkeye Vintage Team!