In 2017, The Independent brought to light a fascinating study revealing that investing in an Hermès Birkin bag could yield better returns than investing in gold—an astonishing revelation for many. However, for Danielle Goodwin, the founder and owner of Hawkeye Vintage, this merely affirmed her unwavering belief in the enduring allure of designer luxury items. To Danielle, meticulously crafted and timeless high-end pieces will always remain in vogue, regardless of the passing trends.

Danielle's journey began long before the inception of Hawkeye Vintage. It commenced with her personal passion for vintage designer pieces, which she diligently curated over the years, scouring through various dealers in Japan and traversing the globe to unearth hidden treasures. Her dedication, akin to that of a hawk's keen eye, was fueled by the vision of one day sharing her extensive collection with fellow fashion enthusiasts.

In 2012, this vision materialized into reality on Greville Street Prahran in Melbourne with the inaugural pop-up store. The overwhelming positive response from patrons served as a pivotal moment, propelling Hawkeye Vintage onto a trajectory of expansion, encompassing numerous pop-up locations across Australia and New Zealand, alongside the burgeoning online web store we proudly present today. Transitioning from showcasing personal finds to sourcing from vast estate collections and forging exclusive partnerships with licensed dealers, we've cultivated a rich tapestry of designer treasures, establishing ourselves as connoisseurs in the realm of luxury fashion.

What truly sets Hawkeye Vintage apart is our discerning clientele. Unlike the casual shopper who merely seeks what's en vogue, our customers are true aficionados of fashion, with an innate appreciation for the artistry imbued in each piece. Before acquiring a new addition to their collection, they meticulously inspect the minutest details, often possessing insights into its historical significance, production origins, or its association with iconic figures. It is for these discerning individuals, the quintessential fashion lovers, that we tirelessly curate every precious selection in our repertoire.

As we embark on this exhilarating journey, expanding our online presence and augmenting our vintage collection to encompass both quality boho pieces and coveted designer luxury, we extend an enthusiastic invitation to our esteemed patrons. Join us as we delve deeper into the realm of vintage allure, forging ahead with a shared passion for timeless elegance and sartorial excellence.

With love,
The Hawkeye Vintage Team x